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Why Sedgefield?

Just a village with one robot and a heart,

Where tortoises have the right of way
September brings the whales at play
And dolphins leap through breakers spray
A place to spend a holiday,
And if you are very lucky stay,
To make a second start.

A plethora of Realty signs, and Christmas trees abound,
Where Milkwood’s shelter birds and bees,
And most folk build their homes in trees
With wooden decks to catch the breeze
From golden beaches, ink blue seas,
Where people smile and starlings tease
Contentment can be found.

The limpid lake, both salt and fresh, tapestry of green,
Where summer children golden brown
Ride bikes with safety in the town,
The old folks chat, the coloureds clown,
News gathering dogs strut up and down
It’s home to artists of renown,
Quite magical when mists come down,
A better life-sublime, serene

Why Sedgefield?